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Helen Hogg - Astronomer and Faculty Stephen Leacock - Humorist and Graduate Elsie MacGill - Engineer and Graduate
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University of Toronto
U of T Great Past

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History of U of T; role of U of T in Toronto
Martin Friedland, Faculty of Law
Office: 416-978-4577
Email: m.friedland@utoronto.ca

History of U of T
Harold Averill, U of T Archives
Office: 416-978-7884
Email: harold.averill@utoronto.ca

History and future of sport at U of T
Bruce Kidd, Faculty of Physical Education and Health
Office: 416-978-7943
Email: bruce.kidd@utoronto.ca

History of medicine at U of T; the university's impact on health care in Toronto
Edward Shorter, Hannah Chair in the History of Medicine
Office: 416-978-2124
Email: history.medicine@utoronto.ca

History of art collecting and art collections at U of T
Liz Wylie, U of T Art Centre
Office: 416-946-3029
Email: liz.wylie@utoronto.ca

History of music and music education at U of T
John Beckwith, Faculty of Music
Email: j.beckwith@utoronto.ca

Progress of women at U of T through the years
Kay Armatage, Institute for Women's Studies and Gender Studies, Cinema Studies
Office: 416-978-8572
Email: kay.armatage@utoronto.ca

Changes and trends in communication tools and technology over the last century
Frank Kschischang, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Office: 416-978-0461
Email: frank@comm.utoronto.ca

U of T spin-off companies
Peter Munsche, Office of Research and International Relations
(Technology Transfer)

Office: 416-978-6063
Email: peter.munsche@utoronto.ca

Environmental policy; urban sustainability
Beth Savan, Environmental Studies Program
Office: 416-978-7458
Email: b.savan@utoronto.ca

Kyoto Agreement
Jing M. Chen, Department of Geography
Office: 416-978-7085
Email: chenj@geog.utoronto.ca

Innovation and technology in education
Carl Bereiter, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of U of T
Office: 416-943-6641 x 2567
Email: cbereiter@oise.utoronto.ca

U of T's first online degree - Masters in Nursing (acute care nurse practitioner)
Mary McAllister or Lisa Cicutto, Faculty of Nursing
Office: 416-978-2860 (McAllister); 416-978-6059 (Cicutto)
Email: m.mcallister@utoronto.ca; lisa.cicutto@utoronto.ca

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