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  1- 1 Spadina
2 - Knox College
3 - Convocation Hall
4 - University College
5 - Mining Building

  6 - Observatory
7 - Sigmund Samuel
8 - Soldier’s Tower
9 - Hart House

10 - Trinity
  11 - ROM
12 - Household Sciences
13 - Victoria College
14 - St. Basil’s
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Photo of Victoria College

Victoria College
The churchlike “Old Vic” building, with its red sandstone and grey limestone, looks south to the legislative building on Queen’s Park, completed earlier the same year (1892). Designed by architect William G. Storm (who, thirty years earlier, had worked on designing University College), the building is an impressive Romanesque revival structure with its arches, coloured bands, ornaments and cast-iron skeleton and staircases. Storm died before seeing his final work completed.

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*Much of the above information comes from The University of Toronto: A History by
University Professor Emeritus Martin Friedland of the Faculty of Law.