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  1- 1 Spadina
2 - Knox College
3 - Convocation Hall
4 - University College
5 - Mining Building

  6 - Observatory
7 - Sigmund Samuel
8 - Soldier’s Tower
9 - Hart House

10 - Trinity
  11 - ROM
12 - Household Sciences
13 - Victoria College
14 - St. Basil’s
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Photo of Trinity

St. Basil's
Completed in 1856, St. Basil’s Church and its attached college are the oldest unchanged buildings on campus. Clover Hill, where the church stands, was considered prime property because of its access to Yonge Street and elevation over surrounding swampland. Originally intended as the site of King’s College, the land was later offered to the Jesuits and finally to the Basilians, who started work on the simple church when they took over the land in 1853.

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*Much of the above information comes from The University of Toronto: A History by
University Professor Emeritus Martin Friedland of the Faculty of Law.