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  1- 1 Spadina
2 - Knox College
3 - Convocation Hall
4 - University College
5 - Mining Building

  6 - Observatory
7 - Sigmund Samuel
8 - Soldier’s Tower
9 - Hart House

10 - Trinity
  11 - ROM
12 - Household Sciences
13 - Victoria College
14 - St. Basil’s
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Photo of the Soldiers Tower

Soldiers Tower
Soldier’s Tower was completed in 1924 to commemorate members of the U of T community who died in the two world wars. The tower rises at the west end of Hart House and was funded by alumni donations after the First World War. The plaque reads: “Through this Memorial, the great name and the great tradition established for the University by those who died will be handed down as long as the University endures.”

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*Much of the above information comes from The University of Toronto: A History by
University Professor Emeritus Martin Friedland of the Faculty of Law.