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  1- 1 Spadina
2 - Knox College
3 - Convocation Hall
4 - University College
5 - Mining Building

  6 - Observatory
7 - Sigmund Samuel
8 - Soldier’s Tower
9 - Hart House

10 - Trinity
  11 - ROM
12 - Household Sciences
13 - Victoria College
14 - St. Basil’s
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Photo of the 1 Spadina Building

1 Spadina
Built in 1875 on one of the few circular lots in the city, 1 Spadina was the original Presbyterian Theological School owned by Knox College. When Knox College relocated to King's College Circle in 1915, the Gothic Revival building became a hospital for WWI veterans. In 1943 it was sold to Connaught Laboratories, researchers and manufacturers of miracle drugs like insulin, penicillin and the anti-rabies toxin. The building, which rises from a loop of traffic like a fairy tale castle, was purchased by U of T in 1972.

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*Much of the above information comes from The University of Toronto: A History by
University Professor Emeritus Martin Friedland of the Faculty of Law.