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  1- 1 Spadina
2 - Knox College
3 - Convocation Hall
4 - University College
5 - Mining Building

  6 - Observatory
7 - Sigmund Samuel
8 - Soldier’s Tower
9 - Hart House

10 - Trinity
  11 - ROM
12 - Household Sciences
13 - Victoria College
14 - St. Basil’s
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Great Places of the Past
The university’s rich and varied past is elegantly preserved in the many historical buildings of the St. George campus. Generations of planners, each aiming to leave a lasting mark on campus, have created an architectural legacy that is unsurpassed in Canada.

The City of Toronto Inventory of Heritage Properties includes over 50
U of T sites, ranging from the Alexandra Gates at Philosopher’s Walk to the Zion Congregational Church at 88 College Street.

The hand-painted map to the right was completed by A. Scott Carter in 1937 and displayed in the aptly named Map Room of Hart House. The coloured dots mark some of our favorite buildings on campus. Click on them to take a stroll through history and discover more about U of T’s remarkable architectural heritage*.

To read about U of T’s latest round of award-winning buildings, click here and visit the Great Spaces website.
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*Much of the above information comes from The University of Toronto: A History by
University Professor Emeritus Martin Friedland of the Faculty of Law.