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Faculty of Forestry
This year the university celebrated its 175th birthday, a great achievement, but a mere blossom compared to Methuselah, a 4,725-year old Bristlecone Pine (image at right). In celebrating the university's 175th anniversary, the Faculty of Forestry would like to pay tribute to the perseverance and adaptability of nature and remind us all to respect our elders.

The Bristlecone Pine has survived and held on through the most trying of conditions - drought, freezing temperatures, baking sun, and more. The university has similarly survived a myriad of trying situations - wars, economic depressions, student revolts, to name a few.

As the university flourishes and its graduates take root across the globe, remember the ideals on which the university supports itself and that those who are older have reached that point through great struggle and adaptation, they are to be respected, not cut down.

Celebrate your 25th, 175th or 4,725th birthday ... you've earned it!

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