Helen Hogg - Astronomer and Faculty Stephen Leacock - Humorist and Graduate Elsie MacGill - Engineer and Graduate
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Page Title Virtual Time Capsule

A time capsule is a perfect way of sharing the gifts of the past with future generations.

In honour of the university's 175th anniversary celebrations, the colleges and faculties of U of T were asked to submit an archival item to capture their unique identity and historical achievements. The results - a rich collection of archival photographs, architectural plans and other fascinating odds and ends - were photographed and transformed into a virtual time capsule.

Take a few moments to dust off the virtual soil, and enjoy some of the treasures that make up U of T's enduring past.

Applied Science & Engineering
Graduate Student Union
Innis College
Social Work
St. Michael's College
Trinity College
University College
Victoria College
Woodsworth College
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